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Trump twitter account

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Everybody knows Donald Trump loves Twitter – but until Wednesday, they might not have realised how easy it might have been to take over his account.

The ‘Tweeter-in-chief’ has single-handedly changed how national policy and international diplomacy works, tweeting late-night thoughts and announcing political changes via the social media platform since the early days of his presidency.

On Wednesday, however, Dutch prosecutors said they found a hacker successfully logged in to  Trump's Twitter account in October by guessing his password.

Prosecutors said they would be not punishing Victor Gevers, who shared screenshots of the inside of Trump’s account, as he acted "ethically".

While at the time, the White House denied it had been hacked and Twitter said there was no evidence of hacking at the time – and relating to the most recent development.

Despite the back-and-forth, social media users could not believe what Gevers had told prosecutors – that the password he used to hack Trump’s account was, in fact, simply: “maga2020!”.

The hacker was supposedly not faced with any basic security measures, verification, or anything else…

Here are some of the best responses to this hilarious news:

Some people were almost not convinced that the news was satire, prefacing the news with “not The Onion” – referencing the famous satirical site.

Most could not believe how simple and obvious the password was: “89mil followers and your effing password is exactly what my 9 year old would guess it to be!?” one person tweeted. “The trusted him with nuclear codes,” another person said, “and Donald Trump’s account had the password MAGA2020”.

One person joked that anyone could be a hacker these days, if all it requires is “trying random passwords”.

One person invoked this classic Spiderman encounter:

“Damn, I thought the password was ’Covfefe’.......” another person wrote, a classic misspelling of President Trump’s. Others thought the password might be “‘Pence,’ ‘Barr’ or ‘Lindsey’.

Some twitter-users were not surprised that Trump’s password was related to his favourite saying, calling Trump, “SO egocentric. Even his password was about him”. “I thought his password would be MeMeMe1,” another person wrote.

Some kept it simple, calling the account password “impressively stupid even for trump” and “painfully obvious”.

And despite this being quite unbearable, one person, on hearing the news pointed out, “It seems 2020 does have a sense of humour after all…” 

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