‘Big Brother’ is watching — Tucker Carlson wants body cameras on teachers in the classroom

<p>Tucker Carlson talks about teachers wearing body cameras to record exactly what they’re saying to children in the classroom.</p>

Tucker Carlson talks about teachers wearing body cameras to record exactly what they’re saying to children in the classroom.

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Fox NewsTucker Carlson is still ranting about the teachings of critical race theory in the classrooms, and now wants to see an extreme measure taken to stop it.

He said that teachers should wear body cameras to record what they are telling their students. And the vibe reminds us of the totalitarian regime in George Orwell’s novel 1984.

On Tuesday, Carlson took to his show to complain about how “the people in charge are working hard to make Americans hate our own country” while also talking about slavery and white supremacy.

“Your students are being taught by some of the most ignorant people in the country,” he said on his segment.

He adds: “You better not complain about it, or else Joe Biden’s praetorian guard will denounce you on television as a racist.”

While showing montages of other commentators such as Joy Reid, Don lemon, and Chris Cuomo addressing the seeming disapproval of any mention of the critical race theory, Carlson decides to delve into what the “average person” should do about this.

“You should be fighting back against it because everything is at stake. You can’t have a multi-racial democracy if people retreat into their tribes and hate each other as this curriculum teaches them to do,” Carlson said.

Carlson said the following: “It’s civilization-ending poison, but it’s everywhere. How widespread is it? Well, we can’t really be sure.”

But what is Carlson’s “solution”? “Cameras in the classroom.”

We put them on the chest of police officers. Until we finally get a civilian review board in every town in America to oversee the people teaching your children, framing their minds; and let’s hope we get both of these very soon,” he continues.

Towards the end, he reiterates that although it’s unknown how rampant the theory’s influence is around the country,

They’re “indications” of how widespread it is—the critical race theory intended to teach all aspects of history- not only one perspective. Essentially, the goal is for the full story about the foundation of the country to be portrayed honestly and without malice or disregard for anyone.

Check out the whole segment below:

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