Tucker Carlson baffles viewers with 'extremely weird sex tirade'

Tucker Carlson baffles viewers with 'extremely weird sex tirade'
Jill Biden and Doug Emhoff share kiss on the lips at State …

Fox News host Tucker Carlson went on a strange sex rant about First Lady Jill Biden and First Gentleman Doug Emhoff - claiming they were “exhibitionists” and had a “key party vibe.”

Carlson’s comments come after Biden and Emhoff were seen kissing on the mouth during the State of the Union address on Tuesday.

Both Biden and Emhoff were subject to criticism and jokes in the media after the incident.

And Carlson, 53, was not immune from adding to the commentary.

On Wednesday night’s episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, the host seethed with sarcasm and a judgy tone while asking, “what was that about?”

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“There was an unmistakable 1970s suburban Connecticut key party vibe to it,” Carlson said.

Key parties are group sex events where couples will put their keys in a bowl and then choose from random to determine which other couple they will become intimate with.

Carlson continued, “kind of a John Cheever story, old school stuff.”

Cheever was an American author who often wrote about the duality of people, both good and evil, with characters and plots set in the suburbs of America.

“Except they let bystanders film the whole thing so clearly these people are exhibitionists too,” Carlson concluded in his rant.

Carlson insinuated that Biden and Emhoff have a romantic or sexual relationship, asking viewers, “where do these people find the time for high jinx.”

He went on to insult Biden by calling her an “eminent TV doctor." Carlson has made similar comments before, accusing Biden of not being a real doctor.

Neither Biden nor Emhoff have addressed the kiss. It is unclear if it was intentional or an accidental peck on the lips.

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