Woman gets robbed while she is live streaming on Twitch
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A Twitch live streamer who was banned due to “sexual content” while streaming a fishing game has hit out at the platform.

Streamer Sara "ih3artpew" Heart criticised the app, owned by Amazon, for the indefinite ban which came just minutes into a stream.

Heart claims the Amazon-owned site banned her for “sexual content” but insists there was nothing sexual about the stream.

The incident occurred on 22 August when Heart went live online playing the game, Ultimate Fishing. But the stream was abruptly ended because of a near-instant ban that has since become indefinite.

In a tweet, Heart explained that she was simply playing the game and revealed what she was wearing when the ban was initiated.

She wrote: “WOW BANNED on @Twitch for SEXUALLY SUGGESTIVE CONTENT. I was playing Ultimate Fishing and wearing this.

“I hadn't even been streaming for more than 3 minutes. . .”

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She added: “PLEASE explain to me how fishing in a long sleeve t is sexual somehow or will you continue to be silent just like you have been about SOS staff members harassing female streamers???”

Heart told gaming publication Dexerto that she received a notice from Twitch saying that she was banned indefinitely due to the “severe nature of this violation” of “sexually suggestive conduct”.

But, she stressed: “Nothing was sexualized. I mean, I know I have cleavage, but with a large chest, it’s kind of hard to not have some and I’m in Arizona. It’s hot as f**k here.”

Heart continued: “I don’t know if I’m expected to dress like a nun, to never wear a tank top or what, but my game screen is usually larger than the cam, and other than the July 4th stream I did with a patriotic top and jean jacket, I dress pretty tame.”

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