Photo: iStock / simonmayer, screenshot: @Twitter
Photo: iStock / simonmayer, screenshot: @Twitter

They say you can tell a lot by someone's name, but what about their Twitter handle?

In today's increasingly digital world these short user names have become a marker of identity – which anyone who's been asked to recall their old, shameful e-mail addresses will know. (Trust me, we've all been there.)

But how do you choose your handle? What are the selection stories behind these names?

Twitter recently wanted to know, so decided to ask users to share the stories behind their handles.

The company started the thread with a fairly straightforward answer, which was quickly followed up by an interesting nugget of information from its CEO Jack.

A slew of responses quickly followed; with some of the most popular coming from politician parody accounts.

Although not everyone noticed that they weren't real...

Others seized the opportunity to criticise the site's censorship policies.

Some of the stories were pretty straightforward.

Others, to say the least, were not.

Some companies chimed in with witty messages...

And some users unintentionally wrote the world's greatest fan fiction. Never change, Twitter.

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