Twitter wants to know if immigrants were to blame for Nigel Farage missing Question Time

Everyone knows Nigel Farage hates immigration getting stuck in traffic.

The Ukip leader was supposed to appear on BBC's Question Time on Thursday night to debate David Cameron's EU renegotiation deal, but at 7.30pm Farage tweeted to say he was in a traffic jam on the A1 which didn't look like it was shifting anytime soon.

In the end Farage sent along his deputy, Paul Nuttall, so viewers were still treated to Ukip's views.

But Twitter, remembering that the MEP has previously blamed road congestion on high immigration, piled in with comments, queries and suggestions - not all of which were helpful.

Alternate methods of travel were suggested.

As well as suitable replacements:

Immigrants were praised and blamed for the traffic in equal measure.

And Farage was warned to watch out for Douglas Carswell.

But some people were wondering whether he just wanted an excuse for an early night...

Just imagine: Nigel Farage, sitting in a stationary car for hours, refreshing his Twitter mentions page, reading this stuff. It's enough to make us weep.

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