Nigel Farage can't remember what the boy in Oliver Twist is called

Nigel Farage. Remember him? He's the leader of Ukip.

He used to be in the news quite a lot, but then kept losing elections. But now with the referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union coming up, he's back in the news a bit more.

On Friday, he took to Sky News to talk about David Cameron's negotiations with the EU.

Here's what he said:

He's fiddling around the edges, begging for concessions that we may get on granting migrant benefits and given the first offering that he's had from Mr Juncker, he will now go to the European summit in February and resemble the boy from Oliver who walks up to the front of the room, holding out the begging bowl and saying 'please, sir, can we have more concessions?'

It is pathetic and doesn't deal with the main issues.

Strained Dickensian metaphor aside, some of the more attentive folk on Twitter were slightly perplexed about one thing towards the end there...

What was that again Nigel?

The boy from Oliver.

What's his name again?

The protagonist?

The main character?

The eponymous lead role in one of the most famous books written by Charles Dickens, that famous British writer?

Use your loaf, mate.

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