Two moms welcome two babies born at 2:22pm on 22/2/22

Two moms welcome two babies born at 2:22pm on 22/2/22
Couples flock to courthouse for 2-22-22 wedding date

Yesterday marked a special date - it was Twosday.

22/2/22 is a remarkable date as it’s both a palindrome and an ambigram. A palindrome is when a number or word reads the same backwards such as the date 11/11/11, and an ambigram is when a word or number reads the same upside down.

Aside from the date lending itself to a fun “Twosday” pun, mathematicians were also excited by the date on yesterday’s calendar.

For a number of families welcoming new arrivals, the date was even more special.

ABC7NY reports that in Catholic Health's Mercy Hospital in Long Island, parents Wendy Campos-Vasquez and Mercedes Manual Coreas welcomed baby Logan Jowill Coreas Vazquez at exactly 2:22pm.

Across the Hudson in New Jersey’s Hackensack Meridian Raritan Bay Medical Center, a new mom also welcomed baby boy Starlin Lugo Carrera at 2:22pm too (or, two).

Twins were also born at the “two-rrific” time at the Good Samaritan Hospital in West Islip and St. Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson.

People also celebrated the date by tying the knot.

22 couples mark 'Twosday' by saying 'I do' on Long

Newlywed Kirm Singh joked: “I thought the date was cool, easy to remember… and it’s a Tuesday on top of that. So it’s Tuesday, 2/22/22.”

If you’re looking for wedding date inspo and you’re a fan of palindromic numbers, the next one won’t be until Thursday 3/3/33, or “Threesday”. Lots of time to find a potential suitor, then!

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