I used UberEats after my shift – now the driver is obsessed ...
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An A&E nurse has told of how she was “harassed” by the Uber Eats driver who delivered her food.

Justine (justinejhxo) posted a clip to TikTok explaining how the driver sent her creepy messages - after clocking off a 12 and a half-hour shift.

After getting home from her long shift, she ordered a McDonald’s breakfast from the delivery app.

When the food arrived, the driver started “talking too much”, so the nurse said she was going to sleep and went back inside.

He then allegedly started messaging her on the app, leaving her “speechless”.

“I could just scream,” she said.

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She then showed a screenshot of the chat. In one of the messages, he said: “You’re single married you have boyfriend [sic]”. The next message is of a kissing emoji.

She showed another barrage of message notifications and revealed that he continued trying to call her from different phone numbers. He also “lingered” outside her flat, where she lives alone.


pov you finish a 12.5 hr shift in a&e and get harassed by your Uber eats driver #ubereats @Uber Eats sort your people out smh #fyp #LinkBudsNeverOff

“Obviously just lied and said I’ve got a boyfriend, sorry, goodbye,” she explained.

He later tried ringing her.

“Not only does this man have my mobile number now, he has my address… I’m tired” she said.

Since posting the clip three days ago, it has received 1.4 million views, 225,000 likes, and 1,300 comments.

The comment section empathised with the nurse, with viewers urging her to report him to Uber Eats and to the police.

Other women shared similar stories, with one saying she uses a male name on the app to ward off any creeps.

One viewer wrote: “Ladies always choose the leave at door option and wait for them to leave before you get your food.”

Another commenter wrote: “The fact women can’t even enjoy ordering food after a long day without being harassed. & this is supposed to be the safer alternative than going out.”

In an update, she said she reported the driver to Uber Eats.

She said she will probably delete the app now, commenting that at least she’ll save some money.

“Judging by the comments it’s happened to a lot of women, which isn’t okay but am I surprised? No. It’s just a shame,” she said.

An Uber spokesperson told Indy100: “What has been reported is totally unacceptable and we are currently investigating this incident. Couriers found to have behaved in this way face permanent removal from the app.”

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