British people are rarely content with the weather.

Too cold? We start to reminisce about better, sunnier days, until they come along and we all get irritably hot. Too hot? If only we could move to the North Pole.

Sometimes it seems Brits can only exist at exactly 17.2 degrees Celsius with partial cloud cover and a mild breeze. Even then, there'd be complaints.

But come on, it really is too hot this time.

People are being warned to stay out of the sun between now and the weekend after the Met Office issued an amber heatwave warning, where we could see the UK's hottest day of the decade.

This unwelcome news follows weeks of sun, in a country without air conditioning or any tolerance for hot weather beyond their two-week annual holiday.,

We're all sick of it.

And mildly terrified.

We're actually cheering for rain at this point.

No one is getting over-the-top.

At all.

But, also, will life ever be the same again?

The heat has thrown up a lot of unexpected problems.

Has anyone checked whether we've transported halfway across the world without realising?

Remember the Beast from the East? We were so naive then.

At least our sarcasm is still intact.

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