<p>Brian Baumgartner, Steve Carell and Rainn Wilson in 'The Office'</p>

Brian Baumgartner, Steve Carell and Rainn Wilson in 'The Office'


Kevin Malone has always been a fan favorite of The Office thanks to his loveable and hilarious personality.

And now it seems the unaired finale of the show might have revealed more about the character’s future than it did.

While on the “Pardon My Take” podcast, the actor who played Kevin Malone, Brian Baumgartner, dished on the unaired storyline that will ‘blow your mind’.


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Sharing that it makes Kevin look like somewhat of a ‘secret genius,’ Baumgartner explained, “The idea is that once the documentary airs, Kevin Malone becomes the fan-favorite.”

The star shared that the storyline is “partly based” on his own experience in the world.

“I can’t go into a bar and not be offered a drink. They want to have a drink with Kevin Malone,” he added.

Baumgartner continued, “So, the storyline is shot, but not aired, that Kevin Malone goes into bars, everybody wants to buy him a drink. There’s a particular bar in Scranton, Pennsylvania that he goes in all the time, and he has accumulated such a credit at that bar from people buying him drinks, that he uses that as leverage to own the bar. That is a true, written story that was shot.”

Since the finale ended up ringing in at longer than a typical episode, the scene was sadly cut.

In the finale, Dwight ends up firing Kevin after discovering he had been adding the number ‘Keleven’ on records to correct his mistakes. When we next see Kevin, he has situated himself as a bar owner, though how he got his new job is not explained.

It’s interesting to see how the scene could have changed people’s overall perspective on Kevin’s character; with many having reduced him to simply being incompetent.

“Release the director’s cut of the finale,” one comment on the clip reads.

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