US weather forecast suggests Hurricane Ophelia will stop at the Irish border

@theweathernetus/Twitter screengrab

An American weather service has suggested Hurricane Ophelia will halt at the Irish Border.

Theresa May promised there would be 'no hard border' with the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland after Brexit ends the free movement of people in Europe, but apparently it will be able to repel category one hurricanes.

A graphic shared by the Weather Net US, showing the areas affected by Hurricane Ophelia, suggested that the six counties in the north of the island would be some miracle by unaffected by the weather.

At least they didn't colour it orange.

The image has prompted derision on social media.

The graphic answered this question posed by Shane McKee on Sunday evening before the hurricane reached Ireland.

Controversially, on Friday the Met Office release a graphic that suggested Hurricane Ophelia would affect Northern Ireland, and the westernmost parts of Great Britain, bypassing the Republic.

Though in fact, Hurricane Ophelia has had an impact on border politics in Northern Ireland.

The weather effects have impeded a visit to the region by former US President Bill Clinton, who was involved in brokering the power-sharing agreement in Norther Ireland in 1999.

Clinton was due to intervene in the stalemate in the current power-sharing talks between the Democratic Unionists and Sinn Féin which have left the region without a government since January.

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