Man removes $1 from his fiancé’s Valentine’s Day gift every time she shouted

Man removes $1 from his fiancé’s Valentine’s Day gift every time she shouted
Couples wed on Valentine's Day in Georgia

A man claimed that he deducted $1 (74p) from his fiancé's Valentine's Day Gift any time she yelled at him over the past year - and it's causing a stir on the internet.

Isaac Ramirez took to his TikTok (@iisaac_ramirezz) to share how he came up with this idea.

"Last year, I put $360 away for my fiancé's Valentine gift," the onscreen text said as an envelope labelled "Valentine's Day 2022" can be seen with funds inside.

The video then panned over to an envelope with significantly less money inside and another envelope with the words "Treat yourself king" written on it.

"But I took away $1 every day she yelled at me. Now her gift limit is $40," the onscreen text continued.


Now all she’s getting is flowers and chocolates #MACChallengeAccepted #GetTheWChallenge #TeamofTomorrow

Although it seems that Ramirez believed this was a cool thing to do, some people thought that the couple should part ways.

"Y'all are more upset about him taking money from her gift than potential emotional abuse," one wrote.

"If she yelled at you for 320 days in a year, I don't think she's the one, but that's just me," another added.

A third wrote: "I'm no expert, but is this a healthy way to behave in a relationship?"

Others flat out believed that Ramirez's idea wasn't a good one.

"Like you don't give her reasons to yell," a fourth jokingly wrote.

A fifth person decided to provide some insight into relationships.

"Coming from someone who is young and married. This right here is childish.No two ways about it. Marriage isn't about spite. It's about communication," they wrote.

In a recent video, Ramirez said that despite his fiancé yelling at him, she's a "good gift giver."

She gave him a MacBook Pro and black plates for his PlayStation 5, while he only gave her Ariana Grande Cloud perfume.

This isn't the only time a holiday took an interesting turn.

A stepmother went ahead and cancelled Christmas Day festivities altogether after claiming her two step-children are "vindictive" and trying to smear her name whenever they get the chance.

Indy100 reached out to Ramirez for comment.

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