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Being a 'spinster' still holds a certain amount of stigma for women today, however, in the 1800s, it was even worse.

Historian of Victorian pop culture Dr Bob Nicholson shared some hilarious responses that were sent into the magazine 'Tit-Bits' in 1889, when women were asked the question:

Why am I a spinster?

Some of their responses were absolutely brilliant.

In a twitter thread, he then offered a little more detail about the images.

Other Twitter users absolutely loved the witty responses.

In other spinster-related news, writer Sophia Benoit recently went viral after she Tweeted that she had discovered that the word spinster was actually reserved for women aged 23-26, and that after you turn 26, and you're still unmarried, women were referred to as Thornbacks. Yes, you read that correctly.

In the tweet she wrote:

Omg I just found out that spinster used to be reserved for women 23-26 and that after you turned 26 if you were unmarried you became a.... THORNBACK. How f****** great is that name!?

Happy singledom, ladies!

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