United Nations Votes for Investigation Into Alleged Russian Rights Abuses in Ukraine

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has caused many to express their disgust with President Vladimir Putin's actions.

Many people have taken to TikTok to show their emotions on the subject, while they express a feeling of helplessness at the fact that there is little average citizens can do to make a change.

But many brands have also stepped in to take a stand in a way that feels larger and more impactful than anything else: they've cut ties with Russia.

A now-viral image has been making waves on the internet that depicts the many brands that have left the Russian market fully or partially as of March 2, 2022.

Included in the photo are brands such as Apple, Netflix, Spotify, Instagram, Linkedin, and even PornHub.

"International sanctions slam Russia's finance, economy, culture, sports: a list," wrote the Ukrainian Euromaidan Press Twitter account.

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It's quite a powerful image and it shows solidarity among a conglomerate of brands.

"Let the list grow. Quickly," wrote one user.

This week, Spotify closed its offices in Moscow in response to Russia’s ongoing conflict with Ukraine. The streaming service also removed and restricted content that is backed by Russian state media.

Some brands on that list, such as OnlyFans have faced heavy backlash for getting involved in the crisis.

Previously, OnlyFans blocked adult entertainers in Russia from the platform making it so creators were unable to share new videos and access money earned via their OnlyFans accounts.

Many creators spoke out against being blocked saying that they felt as though they were being unfairly targeted for a war they did not support.

In a previous statement, OnlyFans told the Daily Beast: “While creators are not responsible for the recent attacks on Ukraine, due to worldwide financial restrictions we have very limited methods to pay Creator accounts linked to Russia and Belarus. As a result payments have been limited.”

As of writing, however, OnlyFans has now been restoring account activity for creators in all countries.

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