Microscope Enthusiast Funds TikTok Fame With Incredible ‘Microcosmos’ Videos

In a now-viral TikTok video, people are being urged to "drain their car doors" - but people are suspicious about the method actually working.

Uploaded by TikTok user @bourntocreate, they stitched a video that showed a person popping open a knob on a car door and releasing liquid.

The TikToker followed the lead from the original video and captioned her post: "This is my sister's car that sounded like it had water in it! 😳 I had no idea! Thanks for the tip @AbdelMedia_ #carhack #HPSustainableSounds #thisisreal."


This is my sisters car that sounded like it had water in it! 😳 I had no idea! Thanks for the tip @AbdelMedia_ #carhack #HPSustainableSounds #thisisreal @Hudsonmatz22

Despite the video showing liquid coming out, people weren't convinced it was real.

"I’m gonna call my dad… I don’t think I should believe this," wrote one person.

Another said, "First I had to buy blinker fluid, now I have to change door fluid…car maintenance is getting outta hand."

"I don’t know if this is satire," said another.

One even wrote, "I have been a mechanic for 15 years and that isn't water it is window lubricant, DO NOT DO THIS!!!"

Turns out it's true, though. According to Car Supercare it is recommended to "gently pull the rubber covering at the points it is fixed into the car’s door. You need to fix them again, and therefore, you must be careful not to break or damage the covering. As soon as you open the cover, you can spot the water gushing out of the hole."

The website also noted to "Watch the places where the rubber covering is fixed and pull them out to uncover the holes and let the water out. This may take some time, depending on how much water is trapped inside the car. Wait till all the water has drained and the sloshing sound has stopped before fixing the rubber covering again."

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