The reason you hate the sound of your voice on tape

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New research from University College London explains why we all cringe when we hear recordings of ourselves.

It's because we hear our voice differently to how it sounds to others.

Put simply, when you hear other people talk your brain receives the sound waves coming from the speaker, and turns these into sounds.

When you speak, your brain receives vibrations from two sources, the ones travelling through the air via your mouth, and the vocal chords inside you vibrating.

Martin Birchall, professor of laryngology told Time:

The sound is going around our sinuses, all the empty spaces in our heads and the middle parts of our ears, which changes the way we hear sounds compared to what other people hear.

When you listen to a recording of your voice, you only hear the air vibrations, so it's like hearing another person speak - and therefore freaky as.

Yes, you don't sound how you think.

It turns out we're all scarier than how we imagined we are.

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