Wallaby joeys seen emerging from mothers’ pouches
One of the red-necked wallaby joeys emerging from its mother’s pouch (Marwell Zoo/PA)
PA Media - Marwell Zoo

Two red-necked wallaby joeys have been pictured emerging from their mothers’ pouches at a UK zoo.

The youngsters, who are a few months old, have just recently started to show their faces from the pouches of their mothers, Holly Wallaby and Alison, at Marwell Zoo in Hampshire.

A spokeswoman for the zoo said: “The youngsters are already a few months old but have only just started to peek out from the comfort of their mothers’ pouches.

A red-necked wallaby joey emerging from its mother's pouchThe joeys stay in their pouches until they are around seven-months-old (Marwell Zoo/PA)PA Media - Marwell Zoo

“Young are born at a very early stage of development, when they are just 2cm to 2.5cm long and weighing less than 1g, around the size of a jellybean.

“Mothers Holly Wallaby and Alison will continue to hold the joeys in their pouches until they are around seven-months-old, after which the youngsters will begin to leave the pouch, but regularly return.”

A red-necked wallaby joey emerging from its mother's pouchThe youngsters were born to first-time mothers Holly Wallaby and Alison (Marwell Zoo/PA)PA Media - Marwell Zoo

Red-necked wallabies, when fully grown, stand between 70cm and 90cm tall and have a tail measuring between 65cm and 75cm which is strong enough to support the weight of the entire animal.

They can be found in south-eastern Australia and on the island of Tasmania.

Senior animal keeper Amy Denny said: “Holly Wallaby and Alison are first-time mothers and they are doing a great job.”

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