Walmart forced to pull 'offensive' T-shirt after unfortunate spelling blunder

Walmart forced to pull 'offensive' T-shirt after unfortunate spelling blunder
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Walmart has pulled a t-shirt from its shelves after customers noticed an accidental swearword emblazoned across the front.

The potty-mouthed print appeared to be unintentional error on behalf of the designers, but once spotted - it's hard to tear your eyes away from the supremely offensive word.

The alarm was raised in a tweet which amassed close to three million views. It featured an image of the offending t-shirt and the caption: "I need this shirt before Walmart realizes what they have done. Find the hidden word".

The garment features a pro-recycling slogan with the letter RE in upper-case, followed by four words: Cycle, Use, New, and Think.

But look at the first letter of each of those words and it spells out a four-letter profanity.

That's right, it inadvertently spells out the word 'c***'.

The discovery prompted Walmart to quickly pull the shirts from supermarket shelves.

"This was not intentional, and the t-shirt has been removed," a spokesperson said.

The t-shirt was created by Walmart's in-house fashion brand George, but appears to have been only on sale in its Canada outlets.

People who managed to get their hands on the t-shirt before it was removed are making hay while the sun shines - by selling it for up to $30 on secondary markets.

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