Woman grosses out TikTok by revealing that she 'washes her greens' in the washing machine

Woman grosses out TikTok by revealing that she 'washes her greens' in the washing machine
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A woman grossed out people on TikTok after she revealed that she washes her green vegetables in the washing machine.

Ashley Echols, who goes by @ashleyechols777 on the platform, posted a video demonstrating how she cleans her produce.

“Wash your green,” she captioned the video, followed by the hashtags #lifehack #harvest #kale #allclean #vinegar.

Within the 11-second video, Echols focused the camera on the washing machine, which showed it filled with green vegetables that appeared to be kale.

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Then, she was seen pressing the delicate button on the machine and starting it for a 55-minute cycle.

“It’s just an idea I had,” she wrote in the comments, adding she plans to juice them.

Towards the end of the video, it jump cut to when the cycle was completely done, showing Echols lifting the lid to show her clean greens.


Wash your greens #lifehack #harvest #kale #allclean #vinegar

People took to the comments of the video to express their bewilderment.

One wrote: “You can’t eat at everybody’s house.”

“Y’all stay giving us reasons not to participate in potlucks,” another added, while a third wrote: “Don’t smile at us; this is ludacris!”

“My grandma Martha did this, and we got food poisoning for WEEKS. I stopped eating green vegetables,” a fourth added.

A fifth, who believed that washing the green veggies in the washing machine is not as farfetched as people think, wrote: “Then they clean the washer out again before using it for cleaning clothes. It really does clean your greens really well; all you judgement people chill.”

Someone else simply added: “Y’all don’t do this. The greens could damage the machine. Also, you could be transferring bacteria to your produce.”

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