Man drops £1,000 engagement ring into lake in proposal gone wrong

A woman has gone viral after she was tasked with filming a proposal on a beach and ended up failing spectacularly.

A proposal is meant to be a beautiful moment a couple will remember forever, but one newly engaged pair found that theirs will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

In a hilarious clip that’s been viewed 9.4 million times and seems to have been captured by a passerby, a woman is seen standing next to a couple on the beach and filming as the man reached into his pocket to retrieve a ring box for the proposal.

But, before he even had a chance to get down on one knee, the woman capturing the proposal had tripped over a rock on the beach and fell on the sand at the crucial moment.

She made an unsuccessful attempt to stand up and continue filming but ended up toppling over again, missing the proposal altogether.

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In the comments, people were left baffled and amused by how badly the simple task had gone.

“I have laughed for 5 straight minutes. This is art,” one person wrote.

Someone else said: “i could watch this all day.”

One user had even got hold of the footage from the woman’s angle, showing just how awful the clip she captured turned out to be.

Another person said: “Can't imagine the ‘sorry guys’ that's coming after this.”

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