The 12 weirdest images commuters have taken

The 12 weirdest images commuters have taken

You think commuting is dull?

Think again.

Over and over, the internet has proven that your daily subway, bus or tube train ride is brimming with delightful yet terrifying opportunities.

Here's a few highlights...

There have been mass animal invasions.

And a rabbit who just wants to commute in peace.

So many rabbits.

Picture:Picture: Reddit / TheCountryJournal

Some with shirtless men inexplicably crying next to them.

Why not enjoy the zoological show with an entire jar of mayonnaise?

Picture: Picture: Reddit/mahpton

Maybe not all of us have time to cook at home, okay?

Picture:Picture: Imgur

We're not sure this commuter understands the concept of highlighting.

Picture:Picture: Reddit/sixbit

It's all important!

Don't ask.

Picture:Picture: Imgur

Again, don't ask.

Picture:Picture: Reddit / notsafeforviewing

But be afraid.

Very afraid.

Picture:Picture: Reddit / redman66

Public transport truly showcases the best and worse of us.

Time to celebrate the full spectrum of our weird species.

With balloons. So many balloons we can't move. All stuffed in a subway carriage.

Picture:Picture: Reddit / NuYawker

Ah, perfect.

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