Man convinces West Ham chairman his little brother is Will from the Inbetweeners

Things haven’t being going very well for West Ham United at the moment. The Premier League side lost 5-1 to Arsenal at the weekend, and are currently hovering just one place above the relegation zone.

But now they’ve faced even more embarrassment on Twitter, or at least their chairman David Gold has. A Hammers fan with the username @Gxmble tweeted Gold, asking if he could retweet a photo of his little brother on his first day at his new school.

Only that isn’t his little brother. It’s Will from the E4 sitcom The Inbetweeners. That didn’t stop Gold from sharing though, along with a good luck message. How sweet.


Obviously, Football Twitter is having a field day.

One fan appreciated the gesture though.

Gold hasn’t had it as bad as the most notorious time Football Twitter got a celebrity to retweet fake photos of relatives. In July last year, after being caught up in a racism row, Hulk Hogan went on a spree of retweeting support from fans – only the fans in the photos were actually famous football personalities like Danny Welbeck, Jack Wilshere, Kolo Toure and Richard Keys.

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