What is the first word you see in this word search? And what that really says about your personality

Tests like this often come up on your Facebook feed, claiming either that 90 per cent (or 70 per cent, or some other made up number) of people see the same word in the word search first, and/or that it says something about your personality.

These claims have been investigated, debunked, and mocked. In reality there's a pretty even spread as to which word people see first, and the word you see says nothing about you - simply that it's the first word you recognised.

A previous sample of 150 comments offered the following results:

– team, 26 times
– wealth, 24 times
– fun, 30 times
– coach, 17 times

So it seems like that "most people choose one word thing" thing is all a bit of "hogwash", as ZMEScience explained.

And a quick Google search will show you that these searches seem to have been replicated purely in the interests of getting a lot of people to comment and share.

Despite this, some people still fall foul of this wordsearch, which keeps doing the rounds in virality.

So let's do this charade and put it to bed:

Unless by some stroke of magic, the viral gods are correct and 90 per cent of you see one word, we can probably assume its all rubbish. If not - we'll have to have an inquest.

Still, there's a reason this stuff goes viral and it's one we can take on - people like to take tests to associate themselves with things.

So if you see this on Facebook, do your friends a favour and don't interact with it. Ever.

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