When a meninist posted this meme to Facebook, his mother had a spectacular response

Picture: Flickr/Jonno Watts

A member of the male population (not pictured) recently took to Facebook to share a meme about what he believes are the unfair expectations placed on men around the world.

Those women, they have it so easy, the meme suggests. All they have to do is "Dont (sic) be too fat". Men - those poor men - on the other hand, have all this to deal with:

A woman called Julia, who happens to be friends with said meninist on Facebook, took to Twitter to publish the apparent fallout of the post.

She claims that Mr Meninist's own mother replied to him... she was clearly not impressed with his post:

She did not hold back on her "douche canoe" (?!!!) son

Not even a little bit

Are you a meninist? Please DO let us know your thoughts in the comments...

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