YouTuber WhistlinDiesel spends $400k on a Ferrari only to destroy within minutes

YouTuber WhistlinDiesel spends $400k on a Ferrari only to destroy within minutes

YouTuber Cody Detwiler spends $400k on a Ferrari only to destroy within minutes

Cody Detwiler / YouTube

YouTuber Cody Detwiler, who boasts over 5 million subscribers on his WhistlinDiesel channel, was caught in terrifying moment when, in just minutes, his brand new Ferrari and rental van caught fire - destroying both vehicles in a couple of minutes.

In the video’s caption Detwiler writes: “I regret to inform everyone that my $400,000 Ferrari F8 and rental minivan with only 5,000 miles on it [have] recently burned down to a pile of ash.”

The video opens with Detwiler speeding around an empty corn field in his new car.

That is until his friends in the rental van begin to scream “fire!” At him, after the right tire is seen catching on fire. Once Detwiler realises he quickly brings the vehicle to a halt and gets out.

The group attempt to put the flames out by throwing water and whatever other liquid they have onto the fire, but due to the dry surroundings, the fire quickly grows, with the van also catching fire seconds later.

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Talking to the emergency services, one of Detwiler’s friends can be heard on the phone saying: “We are off road, we were going into a cornfield the vehicles are on fire, we need a fire department immediately.”

The group attempt to rescue some of their belongings that are still in the van.

“Alright well there goes half a million dollars,” Detwiler says to the camera whilst standing in front of the burning Ferrari.

Within minutes both vehicles had burnt to a crisp.

“This is financially bad, I don’t care about the cars,” Detwiler tells his friend.

Two fire trucks are then seen arriving as firefighters extinguish the flames.

“Do I even have insurance on this car? I think if I do it’s like the most minimal,” Detwiler says. “I don’t have full coverage on anything they won’t give it to me. They’re like, ‘he’s gonna cause an accident, burn the car down.’”

Despite some claiming the video is staged, Detwiler said it was very much an accident.

“No this wasn’t staged. Anyone that can read human body language can tell this was real,” Detwiler said in a statement. “Why would I also burn up a RENTAL van with all of our stuff inside? My shoes, headphones, sunglasses, sentimental Polaroid photos, tools, spare wheels and riders, and cameraman’s gear also burnt. Sure I make money destroying things, but I don’t lie. Not everything is a conspiracy.”

The video has over 5 million views since being posted on August 18.

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