God Save the King (or presently Queen) has been the UK's national anthem since the 19th century.

While Scotland and Wales have separate national anthems, England and Northern Ireland, curiously, are without an official one of their own.

At events like the Commonwealth Games, A Londonderry Air is played for Northern Ireland, while Scotland the Brave has been played for Scotland in place of Flower of Scotland.

But after Brexit, should England get a new national anthem?

This has been a topic of discussion for several years. In 2016 – just before the majority of English (and Welsh) voters voted for Brexit, dragging Scotland and Northern Ireland out with them – MPs debated whether England should obtain it's own national anthem.

A YouGov survey at the time has showed that 49 per cent of UK “opinion formers” (whoever they are) believe that England should have its own national, even just for sporting events.

YouGov also polled people's preferences for England's national anthem, and the most popular of the options (which included Tubthumping by Chumbawumba?!) was Jerusalem, by William Blake.

Because that’s not problematic at all…

People on social media have been coming up with some of their own suggestions for a post-Brexit English national anthem.

And some of the ideas are unorthodox to say the least…

What's your suggestion?

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