Bride's mother dumps wine on wedding guest in 'targeted hit'

Bride's mother dumps wine on wedding guest in 'targeted hit'
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A mother has created a generational debate after her daughter was targetted with a glass of wine at a wedding.

In a viral clip shared to TikTok, Sylvia Gordon (@themedicarefamily) shared her disbelief after an incident left her daughter in tears.

She told viewers her daughter didn't know "a single person" at the wedding, other than her boyfriend.

In a bizarre turn of events, the bride's mother randomly dumped a glass of wine on her daughter's dress, in what Sylvia described as a "targeted" attack.

"The mother of the bride walks by her with a full cup of wine, dumps it down my daughter’s dress, and just keeps walking," she shared. "Doesn’t say a word, was obviously a targeted hit."

In turn, her daughter's boyfriend poured a drink over himself too – but Sylvia believes if it was any other generation, the situation would have been handled a lot differently.

"I’m not condoning violence, but I’m saying my generation would not have poured the drink down our own shirt," Sylvia continued, adding as the caption: "Gen X, am I right?"

Many viewers asked whether her daughter was wearing a white dress but Sylvia later clarified in the comments that it was gold.


Gen X, am I right?

It didn't take long for fellow TikTokers to flood the video with comments, with one writing: "Mother of the bride would’ve been wearing several glasses of red red wine."

Another added: "Millenial here... Nope. It would have gone very differently."

Meanwhile, others jumped to the boyfriend's defence: "He just didn’t want her to be alone which is so sweet but yeah mom would’ve gone down."

One person suggested: "The new generations have more empathy than our upbringings allowed us to learn. We should now learn from them."

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