Woman receives backlash for redecorating boyfriend's apartment in 'millennial beige'

Woman receives backlash for redecorating boyfriend's apartment in 'millennial beige'

A woman on TikTok has gone viral for redecorating rooms with a "sad millennial beige" colour, and harshly being accused of "stripping every spec of character."

TikTok user Emma Ganzarain (@emmaganzarain) innocently turned to the platform to showcase a series of before and after photos.

"All men need a woman in their life," she wrote, along with the hashtags 'transformation,' 'interior' and 'living room inspo'.

Despite her efforts, over 50,000 fellow TikTokers flocked to the clip with their brutal takes.

"His soul is no longer in that space," one wrote. "Stop trying to fix the men in your life and learn to love them for who they are and the way they want to decorate."

Another added: "Sis he has STYLE. the before was SOO cute and had so much character."


A third wrote: "Not me liking all the before better because it’s not just sad beige."

One person even suggested they were saving the 'before' photos for inspiration.


Meanwhile, in other interior design news, one decor trick can reportedly make your wine taste better.

It turns out that vibrant and high-energy interior environments have a significant effect on how we perceive and enjoy wine, according to a new wine-tasting study commissioned by the renowned Spanish wine brand, Campo Viejo.

Energetic space appeared to enhance participants' sensory experiences, with higher scores for taste and enjoyment than the other rooms.

The Dopamine Décor environment also increased the participants' estimated value of the wine being served.

"We’ve seen in previous published studies how environmental cues, such as music and colour, have influenced sensory experiences," Lee Chambers said.

"It’s no surprise that interior environments, with their ability to infuse colour, textures and different lighting - could amplify our senses and enhance what we consume."

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