This dopamine decor trend could make your wine taste better

This dopamine decor trend could make your wine taste better
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Home decor can affect our mood, but apparently, it can also impact how we taste wine.

It turns out that vibrant and high-energy interior environments have a significant effect on how we perceive and enjoy wine, according to a new wine-tasting study commissioned by the renowned Spanish wine brand, Campo Viejo.

Coined ‘Dopamine Hosting’ after the growing trend for Dopamine Décor in the interior space, the findings provide another reason for social Brits to uncork more creativity in their homes.

The research was led by psychologist Lee Chambers, and some of the UK’s foremost interior voices, a controlled study tested participant’s perceptions of the same wine across three interior environments - an eclectic interior filled with colour, shape and patterns inspired by Dopamine Décor (Energetic), a calming space with natural elements (Relaxed) and a space deliberately selected for its lack of interior elements or fittings (Neutral).

Energetic space appeared to enhance participants' sensory experiences, with higher scores for taste and enjoyment against the other rooms.

The Dopamine Décor environment also increased participant’s estimated value of the wine being served.

The study from Campo Viejo showed how dopamine décor can transform how we enjoy wine in our homes.Campo Viejo

“We’ve seen in previous published studies how environmental cues, such as music and colour, have influenced sensory experiences," Lee Chambers said.

"It’s no surprise that interior environments, with their ability to infuse colour, textures and different lighting - could amplify our senses and enhance what we consume.”

Well-known presenter, interior stylist, and color expert, Sophie Robinson, offered insights into how this study can reshape the design of social spaces within our homes, fostering creativity and enhancing hosting experiences.

Sophie commented: "As someone who revels in hosting guests, my primary goal is to ensure they have an unforgettable time. Interior design has always been my tool for injecting fun into these moments.

"Campo Viejo's new study underscores how introducing colour into our homes can significantly elevate the experience of a product that plays a central role in these special occasions.

"The biggest trend in the interior space right now, Dopamine Décor, has the potential not just to impact our moods, but also the whole notion of hosting and what we serve guests."

Ruth Wasserman, Design Director and ex-CEO of, who helped produce the study,said: Since the pandemic we’ve seen an increasing rise in maximalist interiors that offer energy and optimism, in color textures and large-scale pieces.”

“It’s amazing to now have a study that shows that these spaces improve our enjoyment of hosting and socialising, improving how we experience tastes and smells when our senses are already enlivened by a vibrant interior.

"This offers a great opportunity for the home space when decorating the spaces that we spend time with friends in- using bold colours and patterns, choosing eclectic furniture and using textiles to create a space full of life and energy.”

Lucy Bearman, Portfolio Director at Campo Viejo, added: "At Campo Viejo, we've always believed that colour, like wine, has the power to evoke emotions and create unforgettable moments.

"We celebrate the Spanish way of life and believe in a life lived to the fullest, packed with expression, vividness and Pasión."

For more information about the ‘Dopamine Hosting’ study, visit and discover short form videos of top tips to embrace “Dopamine Hosting” from interior experts on social media under #dopaminehosting.

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