Better Business Bureau talks about online dating scams

Sometimes people outside of your relationship have the ability to take one look and figure out things might not be going as well as you believe. The old adage stands, love is blind.

On TikTok, plenty of users have spotted red flags in other people's relationships. For better or for worse, TikTokers love playing armchair psychologists and inserting themselves in others' comments to reveal what they think about their relationship.

When TikToker @gabriellaaalane shared a video of herself claiming she spent the night at a guy's house and gushed over his 'nice' bathroom, her comment section almost immediately blew up.


I’m moving in idc what he says #datingstorytime #aesop #datingadvice #datingfails #datingfail

Showing that the man supposedly had "all Aesop products," waffled towels, and thriving houseplants—many saw this as evidence the man might be married.

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"Should I move in?" @gabriellaaalane's voice over says at the end of the video.

One top comment responded to that question, writing, "his gf not gonna appreciate you moving in."

"Miss girl I’m sorry to say but I think there’s someone else on that lease," read another comment.

"A woman lives there," another person plainly wrote.

Despite the many comments that seem to agree with this sentiment, there were people who disagreed.

"I use Aesop soap. Straight dude here who lives alone. My place is nicer than any girl’s place. That’s normal, it’s 2022. Chill," explained one person.

Another wrote, "These comments ain’t it. We should be supportive of hygienic and clean men, not calling them cheaters."

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