TikTok neck pillow travel hack goes viral

The struggle is real when trying to meet the airport's baggage requirement, and this was particularly the case for one woman who decided to put on the bonkers costumes packed in her luggage in order to avoid the overweight fee.

TikToker Taylor Watson (@taylormakesvideos) creates content that audiences presume is staged for entertainment purposes and this video was recorded in front of a Southwest Airlines baggage claim area as one woman was struggling to make the weight limit.

She caught the attention of onlookers when she started to retrieve a chicken costume from her case to put on in order to get the case weight down.

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Though the case is still too heavy, causing her to pull out another "ridiculous" outfit as her next layer was a gorilla costume as an onlooker asked: "You're seriously gonna wear all of that?"

But this still didn't work, as the woman then whipped out an avocado costume, causing a bystander to do a double take as she donned the fruit.

Despite wearing multiple layers, the case was still overweight as the woman lifted and dropped her hands in frustration.

A red nightgown as well as a scarf, and a number of hats were then added to her extra ensemble, as a passerby was heard saying: "I've never seen anything like that in my life."

Still no luck.


Imagine going through security after 😂🤣

However, she remained determined - so much so, that she distracted the member of airport staff for a second in order to sneakily lift her case up with her foot to make it appear lighter and within the weight requirements.

Although a woman next to her at the desk clocked what she is doing, she doesn't grass on her and in the end the woman (who was probably melting at this rate) managed to get through baggage claim without paying any extra fee.

The woman then waddled in the various costumes on to the next stage of her journey.

"Imagine going through security after," the video caption read with some laughing emojis.

When it comes to baggage weight and extra fees, Southwest Airlines lay out the rules on its website:

"Southwest will accept the first two checked bags for free provided that the bags do not exceed 50 pounds and 62 inches (L+W+H). Overweight items from 50 to 100 pounds and oversized items in excess of 62 inches but not more than 80 inches will be accepted for a charge of $75 per item.

"Only one $75.00 charge applies if the piece is both oversized and overweight, regardless of the weight as long as it does not exceed 100 pounds. Excess baggage which is also overweight or oversized will be charged excess baggage plus the applicable oversize or overweight charge."

Since posting the hilarious costume chaos, the video has received 3.3m views, 267,000 likes, along with thousands of comments from people who shared their amusement.

One person said: "That's the kind of girl I would marry."

"She’s an icon she’s a legend and she is the moment," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "I’m wondering where she’s travelling to that she needs these outfits."

"She’s the girl version of Joey," a fourth person replied, referencing the Friends episode where Matt Le Blanc's character wears all of Chandler's (Matthew Perry) clothes.

Many people shared their belief that the scenario was staged.

One person said: "Staged 100% no doubt."

"The fact that they managed to stage this at a busy check-in counter is remarkable," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Those things are made from light materials. They are huge and take up a lot of space. But they're light. This looks put on."

"If it is set up. It's a great idea. I haven't laughed so much," a fourth person commented.

Either way, the viral video garnered some chuckles.

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