Woman calls up newspaper editor, vehemently insists their is spelled thier

People - even people who work in newspapers - make mistakes. And they normally appreciate being told about them.

Except in this case when an extremely self-assured reader called Mike White, the editor of the Suffolk Times to tell him that 'their' was actually spelled 'thier'. Except clearly it's not.

Things get really dicey around two minutes in, here's part of the call according to a recording by White.

Woman: If you went to Columbia [the top US University] this shouldn't be a hard conversation.

White: It's an impossible conversation to have. T-H-I-E-R isn't a word. 'Thier' isn't a word.

Woman: T-H-E-I-R is what's on the front of your paper. That's not a word.

White: OK thank you. I have to go, I can't do this anymore.

Woman: You can't do it because you're a f**ing baby.

You can listen to the whole call below, but be warned it does contains swearing

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