Woman claims it's impossible to survive on less than $120k a year

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One woman claimed that it is impossible to survive on less than $120k a year - and got roasted online.

As discussions about minimum wage rage on, the discourse on what a liveable salary continues to be debated. One woman, however, has made a controversial take that she shared in a TikTok video and it has sparked outrage.

The video was shared on Twitter alongside the caption, "Who at 25 was surviving off considerably less than 10k a month?"

In the video, the woman could be heard ranting about her hot take.

"117k is ten thousand dollars a month," she begins her video. "It's not that I live a lavish lifestyle, I'm 25 years old."

She continued, "You can not survive on 10 thousand dollars a month, I can't."

"I know reading comprehension isn’t a strong suit on this app so duh almost all of us could spend more than 10k a month living. The word used here was survive. Like 10k isn’t enough to even get by." the person who tweeted the video continued.

In the comments, people reacted with anger towards the tone deaf video and shared their opinions.

"A lot of ppl live beyond their means…you can definitely survive off 10k a month, hell you can thrive off 10k a month lol wtf do y’all be buying," read one tweet.

"Mane that's 7.5k more a month than I was making at 25. I would've been sitting nice rn," said another person.

"I think a lot has to do with people really want to make enough to afford the luxury stuff they want. I know so people who make under 50k with a luxury Mercedes car. In reality you can’t afford it. You just wanted it…you really needed a Honda. Cheap, but reliable 🤷🏿♀️" read another tweet.

Another said, "10k and she still needs more? Girl what are you buying? That apartment … nevermind. Anywho, I want to know the breakdown of her monthly expenses for research purposes…"

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