22-year-old woman instantly dumps older man after Googling his house

22-year-old woman instantly dumps older man after Googling his house
Juliye are still dating! Julia Fox and Kanye West are still together ...

A 22-year-old woman has turned to the Internet to seek advice after repeatedly having the same disagreement with an older man she was dating.

The woman consulted the notorious subreddit 'Am I the A**hole' where she explained that she had been having some doubts about her partner, who is 35.

She explains that the arguments were all focused around her accommodation, which is an apartment in a converted house. The walls are apparently quite thin so there can be a lot of sound bleeding, which can sometimes make it quite noisy, especially in the mornings.

In a lengthy post she wrote: "So, in my apartment, since it's an old house that was originally a single-family house, there isn't much soundproofing. And the floors creak when people move.

"I've gotten used to the sound of the guy upstairs getting up at 4 am since he starts work at 5.

"And the sound of the girls in the apartments to either side of mine watching telenovelas till midnight, taking work calls all day and having friends over on weekend nights."

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However, when her partner started staying over more often he began to whine about the neighbours and asked her to speak or text them to keep the noise down.

Rather than do that, she explained to him that he couldn't expect much else as this was a fairly common housing situation for a 22-year-old. She added: "I got frustrated with my boyfriend and told him "you know, you can't expect to date a 'hot young' 22-year-old and not wanna deal with a 22-year-olds living situation! I don't know if you realise but this is a normal apartment for someone my age..."

This is where things started to go awry as people began asking her why he wouldn't just let her stay at his own house if her apartment was too noisy for him. She explained: "It's not possible for me to get to his house on my own because I don't have a car and the buses don't go that far into the suburbs.

"So that would mean him driving 30 minutes from his house in the suburbs to pick me up, then an extra 30 to drive me to his house. Then an hour round trip early in the morning to get me home in time for work. It's a lot easier for him to visit me in the city."

However, things really went off the rails when she decided to Google his house and learned something alarming. She writes: "I googled his property records for his house and HE CO OWNS IT WITH A WOMAN WHO SHARES HIS LAST NAME!

"Holy s**t... I don't know if she's his wife or ex-wife or what but I'm OUT OF HERE. I'm honestly freaking out right now but I just gotta say .. great big thank you to everyone who noticed red flags and made me question that. I've blocked his number, he can have fun figuring out where I went."

Yikes! That's one twist that we didn't see coming but at least she managed to solve her problem and get rid of her boyfriend.

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