Woman told she looks like Homer Simpson after disastrous lip fillers

Woman told she looks like Homer Simpson after disastrous lip fillers

A woman shared the disastrous results of her lip-filler removal on TikTok.

What should have been a routine procedure triggered a severe reaction of TikTok user @rubesfr, resulting in her having to be hospitalized.

Ruby posted the scary results of her experience on the social media app, where her lips are dramatically enlarged and ballooned out.

In the video, Ruby compiled photos of her horrifying appearance with the text overlay reading: "I had my lip filler dissolved....and ended up in hospital."

Additionally, the poor woman’s face looks to be entirely swollen as well.

See it for yourself:


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While she already appears to be in distress at the start of the video, the following images show that her allergies only become progressively worse as the TikTok continues.

Luckily, Ruby seems to have been in good spirits despite the worrying facial changes, with the woman even making a few silly faces in the video.

In response to a comment, she also confirmed that she would not be undergoing the procedure again in the future.

The video has received 750,000 views as of writing.

Viewers couldn’t help but poke fun at Ruby’s expense in the comment section, with one person even saying that she now looked like Homer Simpson.

“At least she was smiling at the end...halfway through u had a Homer Simpson look 😂 glad u shared this. others will be more vigilant now,” wrote one person.

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Another person said, “Looks painful, but my god those past few pics had me in stitches.”

“You went from looking like the platypus from Phineas and Ferb to the chipmunks haha,” another person commented.

A few people even slammed the woman for using up " NHS resources,” which led many people to immediately defend Ruby.

“Anyone who is saying it takes up a hospital bed- would you want to be left with a swollen face like this? Allergic reactions can be so serious!” wrote one user.

The woman provided an update on her situation in a follow-up video, sharing that she was okay.

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