Woman loses Tinder match after sending accidental voice note

A woman was left outraged and unimpressed after a man she matched with on Tinder sent her a link to a dating application form.

TikToker @rumourhasitvintage shared a screenshot of her match who messaged her a link to his Google Doc form. "Guy on tinder sent me a literal application," the overlay text on the video read, along with the TikToker appearing impassive as she also showed what she wrote to him in response.

She made her feelings about the application very clear and told him: "It is you who should be filling out an application to speak with me, sir."

"I can’t make this up," the TikTok added in the caption, with Britney Spears' hit song "Toxic" playing in the background.

So, what questions did the Tinder match include on his dating application form?

Some were the standard pieces of information such as name and relationship status, other details he asked were about employment and height.

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There were also some specific questions thrown in there too such as “Which (Lord of the Rings) movie is (in your opinion) the best one?” and “What is the blockchain?”

He seems to be a Justin Bieber fan as he also asked: "What's your favourite Justin Bieber song and why isn't it Sorry?"

However, he is most certainly not a fan of TV show Friends (or at least from this question): "What movie or TV character do you identify with the most? -100000 points if you say someone from Friends and I'll probably unmatch you."

As the TikToker scrolled through the form, she clearly was irritated and can be seen rolling her eyes at the different questions.


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Since posting about receiving the online dating application form from her Tinder match, the TikToker has received 41,800 views, along with plenty of comments from people who were divided over the guy's move.

There were many that agreed with the TikToker's stance and felt that the guy's dating form was offputting.

One person said: "I’ve seen these be cute/funny before and this was absolutely not that," to which they replied: "I have never seen this before and never want to see it again."

"No intro, no hello, just the link.... and the form is way too long! Some can be cute but not this," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "People who send out survey links like this are deranged."

"Yeah… If it was absolutely hilarious, this could be a great icebreaker. But this one isn't it," a fourth person commented.

While others disagreed with the TikToker and expressed how the Tinder matches form is right up their street.

One person said: "My toxic trait is that I like filling out forms so much I would do it and ask for the data after."

"I’m so sorry but this is hilarious and exactly my sense of humor," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Lol aww at least he put some kind of effort. Creative twist?" Though the TikToker wasn't convinced and replied: "But then I sent that funny response and he literally replied with the shrug emoji…. like."

"That's genius though hahhahaha," a fourth person commented.

A few people joked about him including a question about the block chain.

One person said: "100% he's just trying to find out what block chain is without having to admit he doesn't know."

"Not the block chain," another person added with a laughing emoji.

Well, the guy has certainly received a lot of feedback on his dating application form, but perhaps not in the way he anticipated...

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