Woman speaks out over 'insanely personal' question she was asked at a job interview

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Kim Sedgwick, from Melbourne, was asked something very personal in a job interview.

According to Sedgwick, her potential boss asked her:

I know I am not allowed to ask this, but I am going to anyway. Do you plan on becoming pregnant in the next year?

Sedgwick writes in the Daily Mail that she should have answered that yes, she did. Instead, due to being unprepared for the question, she calmly answered:

Well, we have other things we want to get in order first.

She writes that, while she appeared calm on the outside, she was thinking:

That is actually none of your business. You have no idea if I have been struggling or not to have children or if I have been told that I can't have children.

Not only is it against the law to ask, it is an insanely personal question, would you have asked the same question to a male applicant if he intends to become a father in the next year?

She writes that the employer “put her in an awkward position” and her answer could have “possibly jeopardised” her chances of getting the job.

Sedgwick didn’t get the job, but says next time she’s asked that question:

I am going to say yes. I want to see how they handle it.

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