Woman pulls knife on man who ‘followed her for 40 minutes’ at night in shocking TikTok footage

<p>TikTok user MissyMythic said the man refused to leave despite her constant pleas</p>

TikTok user MissyMythic said the man refused to leave despite her constant pleas


A woman has shared footage of a harrowing encounter in which she claimed a man stalked her for more than half an hour.

TikTok user @MissyMythic said the stranger “followed her in every single direction” and kept asking her name and demanding to know where she lived, as she tried to make her way home at night.

She said the man kept asking her who she was and telling he “wanted to get to know her”, and that he “had the right to know her name”.

Despite trying to shake him off – even “dodging traffic” in a bid to lose him – he continued to “cat call” her and “viciously argue about why it was OK that he was doing what he was doing.”

In the end, Missy said his relentless pursuit and “psychotic” behaviour, forced her to pull out a knife.

In a series of video recordings, she can be seen brandishing a sharp blade and telling him to “back up.”

Yelling furiously and, clearly, with panic she asks: “Why are you bothering a woman in the middle of the f***ing night?

“She has asked you to leave, obviously has trauma, obviously has PTSD and you won’t f*** off.”

She ends her impassioned tirade by pointing the weapon in his face and threatening: “You’re lucky I don’t kill you.”

She then continues to tell him to “back off”, adding “let me watch you leave me,” as he sets off on his bike.

Missy can be seen brandishing a sharp blade at the man as he watches on coldly@missymythic/TikTok

Her clips have racked up more than 400,000 views, as fellow TikTokers shared their support and insisted she had acted appropriately.

“Women have to get loud and violent when people don’t take ‘no’ or ‘leave me alone’ seriously. I’m proud,” one wrote.

Another asked: “Why do men still think it’s OK?”, to which Missy replied: “One time I defended myself and called the police for help and they arrested me [and] said I took self-defence too far.”

A third said: “Nobody should have to go through this, but you held your own even in the face of that fear. Pure strength.”

In one of her follow-up videos, Missy recorded herself struggling to breathe following their confrontation, explaining: “It was difficult to keep my composure during the situation.”

Urging people to please share her posts, she added: “After he left he took the immediate next left to circle back around [...] If he came around the block fast enough he may have seen me run into my house.”

The TikToker urged other women to protect themselves@missymythic/TikTok

In a separate clip, she said it wasn’t the first time she’d had to “pull a knife on a guy”, as she attempted to instruct viewers on the importance of self-defence.

“I’m trying to explain that this happens all the f***ing time,” she said, adding that women shouldn’t “rely on help to come.”

However, she also insisted that she was not trying to suggest that all men are aggressive towards women, merely that this particular individual had illustrated that some are.

“We’re not stupid, we know what’s going on when someone chases you through traffic, won’t go away and is demanding to know where you live and what your name is so they can come and ‘visit you’. No,” she told viewers.

“That’s not how you meet people, that’s how you do things to people that are absolutely horrific and unacceptable.”

Addressing accusations she was trying to tarnish the reputation of the male sex as a whole, she stressed: “I didn’t say anything about all man, or any men, just that guy.

“There was a video of a man ferociously attempting to do whatever the hell he was planning on doing – following me, not going away when I’m telling him to leave over and over again, even on the phone to police, even while armed.

“I didn’t upload that video to be judged for how I handled that situation,” she ended her monologue.

“I did handle it, and I think I handled it better than all the people telling me how to handle it would have done.”

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