Woman immediately quits retail job because 'the vibes weren't right'

Woman immediately quits retail job because 'the vibes weren't right'
Retailers look to reimagine layouts and spaces

If you thought the Great Resignation was over, you'd be mistaken.

Employees are increasingly showing their frustration with management and their roles. Gen Z is leading the wave, and the impact is touching every side of the working sphere, from corporate to retail jobs.

One TikTok user revealed that she quit a job after only a day because of the bad “vibes” she received from her co-workers.

TikToker @skyedub uploaded the video with the text overlay on the video reading, “I got a job at Ulta and quit a day later because nobody introduced themselves to me and the vibes were atrocious.”

"it’s giving unemployed #helpme #socialanxiety," she captioned her video.


it’s giving unemployed #helpme #socialanxiety

While quitting a job after only a day would have been met with overwhelming criticism two years ago, there are surprisingly many people who are now agreeing with her actions.

"At a job you can immediately tell the vibes from people good call," one person wrote.

"i be doing the same💀 any minor inconvenience and I’m out," said another user.

"I don’t get why some people at certain jobs act like the new people aren’t welcome 😐 I see new people and immediately try to make them comfortable," another said.

"Everyone introduced themselves to me at every job i’ve ever had, you most def made the right call!! i’m so sorry they didn’t treat you with respect," another user said.

Although the TikToker did receive a ton of support, there were some people who felt that she overreacted.

"Bro its just a job we dont wanna talk to u we just trying to get money and go," one user commented, to which the poster responded, "I don’t wanna be miserable at somewhere im at more than my own house."

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