Woman says her boyfriend is so much hotter than her that people stare

Woman says her boyfriend is so much hotter than her that people stare
TikToker Goes Viral Asking Strangers To Be Her Sugar Daddy

An attractive boyfriend certainly has its pros, but one TikTok user has simply had enough of everyone checking him out.

In a viral clip that racked up a staggering 4.6 million views, Nadya (@nadyaokamoto) penned: "having a hot boyfriend that gets hit on and checked out everywhere you go".

Laying in bed, she laughed about her situation before transitioning to a shot of "the hot boyfriend" taking a spoonful of dessert at a restaurant.

She captioned the video: "Yeah he's hot ahhh", alongside some sad face emojis.

Hundreds of women and men flocked to the clip to hilariously "congratulate" the woman – and to do the very same thing Nadya bemoaned about: thirst over her man.

"He is literally straight out of every single romance book on booktok... it's insane…" one person wrote, while another "respectively" called him "a work of art."

"Girl, does he have a brother?" One user quizzed.

Another TikToker commented: "I gasped, I'm sorry."

"My jaw dropped omg," another comment read.Sign up to our free Indy100 weekly newsletter


🥺🥺🥺 yeah he’s hot ahhh #boyfriend

Others, however, insisted Nadya wasn't punching in the relationship.

"I would be checking yall both out tbh," one candidly said, while someone else wrote: "I think you BOTH are gorgeous."

In a separate clip, which garnered a jaw-dropping 16.3 million views, Nadya shared a montage of clips dedicated to the "hottest man alive" – and once again, the comments came rolling in with people hilariously asking if he was "available on Amazon."


My fave #boyfriend clips. Simping extra hard bc we are apart tonight 🥺💕🙌🏽

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