Woman fails to 'pivot' while moving sofa - gets stuck under it for three hours

Woman fails to 'pivot' while moving sofa - gets stuck under it for three hours
Fire brigade called to rescue mother stuck behind sofa

We've all seen the classic Friends episode where the gang has to move a sofa through a tight stairway leading to Ross yelling the iconic line 'pivot' over and over again.

Well, one woman from the US state of Ohio failed to follow Ross's advice and managed to end up trapped underneath if for three hours.

53-year-old Melissa was moving the large piece of furniture into the basement of her house with her husband 55 but it soon became stuck.

Daughter Claire, 23, found her mum trapped on the wrong side of the sofa and tried to help - before she gave up - and decided to film it instead.

Claire's hilarious footage shows the sofa covering the entrance of the basement and Melissa's hand sticking out from a tiny gap between it and the stairwell.

Melissa, a preschool teacher, was stuck in the basement for almost three hours while Claire and Todd tried to dislodge a handrail from the wall in hopes of freeing her.

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Todd, an energy company manager, even made a hole in the wall trying to get the sofa into the basement, but to no avail.

Eventually, the family, from Columbus, Ohio, USA, had to call the fire department. The fire brigade successfully got the handrail off the wall by wriggling through the hole.

Claire, a law student, said: "I thought it was hilarious. My parents did not think it was funny. My dad was mad because of the damage and my mom thought she was never getting out.

"When the fire brigade got there I was really trying to insert myself into the situation because I have a twin sister and I wanted to film it for her."

Speaking about the minor damage, she said: "I don't think it should be expensive to fix. After the fact, my mom thought it was really funny. We laughed about it afterwards.

"This was definitely not the typical evening in my house. But there's definitely a lot of chaos and craziness around."

Claire posted the video to TikTok and it quickly went incredibly viral, accumulating 13 million views since it was posted.

Her newfound viewers flooded the comments sections with references to the famous episode of the sitcom 'Friends', in which the characters fail to move a sofa.

Comments on TikTok read: “911, we didn’t pivot," and "Pivot! pivot! pivot!, she did in fact, not pivot".

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