Woman tells boyfriend she’s expecting a baby by hiding pregnancy test in his McDonald’s ice cream

Woman tells boyfriend she’s expecting a baby by hiding pregnancy test in his McDonald’s ice cream

The proof is in the ice cream.

Pregnancy announcements are made in many ways— from private conversations to grand announcements.

However, one woman became a viral sensation over her chosen method of announcement.

Lisa, who has a joint TikTok account with her husband Josh called @joshandlisa, decided to give him a sweet treat with a hidden surprise—she put the positive pregnancy test in a McDonald’s ice cream.

In the video, Lisa is seen purchasing the ice cream from the fast-food giant before inserting the test with the cap on.

She hands it over to Josh, who had some commentary about not wanting to eat the ice cream fast because he might get a brain freeze. But, he ends up eating the chilly goodness.

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Lisa then joked about the brain freeze and said how the couple have “always wanted brain freeze” and how pleased they are to “have brain freeze together,” which elicited puzzled looks from her friend present.

Josh eventually finds the stick and pulls it out, taking the plastic lid off in the ice cream as he tries to grab it.

It seemed that Josh was astonished, as he asked for confirmation from his wife to see if the test was real.


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The video, which has been watched over 13.6 million times at the time of writing, left some people feeling repulsed.

“You PEED on that,” someone wrote.

“All I thought about was ‘pee and he speechless because he’s on camera licking vanilla pee.”

Another person who thought the situation was sweet wanted to know where she could get McDonald’s ice cream since machines are always broken.

“Congratulations, how sweet. Now to the real important part. Can you drop the address of the McDonald’s with the working ice cream machine?” they said,

It’s not transparent as to whether or not Josh ate the rest of the ice cream...

Indy100 reached out to Lisa and Josh for comment.

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