Woman finds her Tinder date sitting in his car naked and it’s as bizarre as it sounds

Woman finds her Tinder date sitting in his car naked and it’s as bizarre as it sounds

A woman has recounted a story of how the most bizarre Tinder date she’s ever had went down.

TikToker @hai_im_ashleigh_ posted the unbelievable story in a post captioned “Story time #tindernightmare”.

In the clip, Ashleigh can be seen smiling into the camera while the famous Louis Armstrong song “What a Wonderful World” plays in the background with the lyrics, “and I think to myself”.

The camera slowly zooms in on Ashleigh’s face and the smile changes into a confused face and she mouths the words, “what the f**k” instead of “what a wonderful world”.


Story time? #tindernightmare

Over the top of the video, the text revealed why as it told possibly the most peculiar first date story.

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It read: “When my Tinder date left for 20 minutes while waiting for a table, claiming he left his wallet in his car and I thought I was being stood up, but actually he was out in his car completely naked.”

Ashleigh’s viral TikTok has been viewed over 5.2 million times and she gave the people what they wanted with a follow up explaining more detail in another video.

She explained the incident took place in 2016 with a guy named “Paul” who she met on the dating app.


Reply to @rachelazny20 story time #tindernightmare

He lived about an hour away and they still hadn’t met in person after two months of talking because their schedules kept clashing.

Ashleigh said, on this particular day she and a friend were at a mall fairly close to him and he asked to meet up for a dinner and said he would pay for her friend’s dinner too.

She said: “Once we get to the door, he’s patting his pants and he was like, ‘oh my God, I’ve left my wallet’.”

After about 15 minutes he still hadn’t returned from his car, so Ashleigh and her friend left as she assumed she’d been stood up. But, they came across his car and her friend screamed at what she saw inside.

Ashleigh continued: “Me being the nosy ass I am, got to the car, looked in and saw this man butt ass naked, full erection and everything. He just rolls down the window and says, ‘do you want to have a threesome?’”

She confirmed she left.

We don’t blame her.

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