Wonder Woman approves of the Waffle House employee's fighting skills

Wonder Woman approves of the Waffle House employee's fighting skills
Waffle House employee catches chair mid-air

A Waffle House employee went viral earlier this week after effortlessly dismissing a chair that was hurled at her.

The footage showed the unexpected brawl in the famous US chain, with a customer launching a chair across the desk towards the blonde cook.

In a shock plot twist, the Waffle House worker somehow blocked the chair and threw it out of her way.

The altercation was viewed a staggering 36 million times on Twitter, with thousands more commenting on her Matrix-like moves.

"She's the kung fu movie protagonist that has fallen out of touch with her passion, and her training kicks in during this pivotal intro sequence," one wrote.

Another tweeted: "This is the most anime move I've ever seen in real life."

A third user couldn't get enough of the worker's reflexes. "I’ve watched this smooth, fluid move dozens of times. This chick is DIFFERENT," she wrote, adding: "And then taunted ol’ girl and asked what else she was bringing."

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Well now, it appears former Wonder Woman is also impressed by the woman's superhero moves.

Lynda Carter, who played the famous character in the 1970s CBS series, took to Twitter with a string of tweets applauding the feisty female.

The 71-year-old actress responded to one Twitter user who asked whether it was her in the Waffle House clip.

She said: "I did not catch anything… but clearly she did?"


In another post, Carter hilariously responded "I trained at Waffle House" to a person who shared a Wonder Woman scene of her blocking and punching through a chair.

Another Twitter user praised the actress and said she had "once again won the internet."

Concluding her Twitter fun for the day, Carter signed off: "I have yet to see a trophy. Where is it?"

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