Waffle House employee's Matrix-like reaction during wild fight goes viral

Waffle House employee's Matrix-like reaction during wild fight goes viral
Waffle House employee catches chair mid-air

A Waffle House employee has gone viral after effortlessly catching a chair that was hurled at her mid-shift.

The footage, viewed over 15.3 million times, showed the unexpected brawl breaking out in the popular US chain. The customer launches a chair towards the blonde cook, whose impressive superhero-like moves block and discard it.

Twitter users were left stunned by the ordeal, with one saying the employee has "more combat experience than most MMA fighters."

Unsurprisingly, the clip amassed thousands more responses, retweets and likes.

"She's the kung fu movie protagonist that has fallen out of touch with her passion, and her training kicks in during this pivotal intro sequence," one wrote.

Another tweeted: "This is the most anime move I've ever seen in real life."

A third user couldn't get enough of the worker's reflexes. "I’ve watched this smooth, fluid move dozens of times. This chick is DIFFERENT," she wrote, adding: "And then taunted ol’ girl and asked what else she was bringing."

Another humoured: "Kung fu movie about a woman who travels the country seeking a legendary waffle house martial arts master to study under."

You can watch it here:

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Meanwhile, across the pond in Scotland, one dad ended up paying an extortionate £720 ($880.63) for his KFC meal – for punching a manager over a toilet dispute.

According to Daily Record, this alteration occurred after Kenneth Scott complained about the lack of toilet paper and soap at a KFC in Glasgow.

Jason Stark, a prosecutor, had previously told the court that in the evening, around 6.40 pm, the victim was working as a manager at the restaurant.

He also said that Scott approached the counter, complaining that he was not happy about the male toilets.

"Once in the male toilets, the manager deemed them satisfactory.

"This angered the accused, and he grabbed the manager by the neck and punched him on the back of the head," Stark said.

Scott was ordered to pay £400 ($489) in to compensate the victim and a further £320 ($387) fine by the court.

Indy100 reached out to Waffle House for comment.

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