Wordle spoiler account that tweeted the next day's answer gets suspended by Twitter

A Twitter bot account that spoiled the next day's Wordle answer has been suspended for violating Twitter's rules.

The account, called "The Wordlinator," had just 48 followers as of midday Monday, but had attracted media attention for ruining the game, in which people have six chances to guess a five-letter word.

It appeared to automatically reply to people sharing their attempts at the game with mean replies, before showing the next day's purported Wordle answer.

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"Guess what. People don't care about your mediocre linguistic escapades," one response said.

On Monday evening, the account was suspended. "Twitter suspends accounts which violate the Twitter Rules," a message on the account reads.

Wordle has the internet in a chokehold with people finding the game thoroughly entertaining.

But today's Wordle was particularly devious, and many people found they had to give up before getting the answer.

At least they were able to have a stab at it though, without internet tricksters ruining their word-based fun.

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