People are trying to figure out which country is the safest to flee to if 'WW3' breaks out

People are trying to figure out which country is the safest to flee to if 'WW3' breaks out
'None of it feels real': Ukrainians react as Russian forces near Kyiv
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As Russia invades Ukraine under the orders of Vladimir Putin, people around the world are understandably concerned about the future.

The violence we’ve seen so far has prompted a debate about where the safest country might be should WW3 break out.

On the AskReddit forum, one person asked other users the question: “If WW3 starts, what country in your opinion would be the safest, relatively speaking and why?”

The responses ranged from joke answers, to scientifically thought out plans based on the nuclear weaponry we could see used.

One person wrote: “Canada.. but not ‘Toronto’ Canada... the ‘North West Territories’ Canada that no one talks about...

“.... in a 250m deep bunker.”

Someone else responded: “Always Greenland, source? Movies.”

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Another argued: “The only hope for survival during a nuclear war would be near the equator away from major populated cities, and even then the nuclear winter would kill of nearly all plant life.”

One person said: “I would say Australia, but Australia has been having beef with China, so Russia and China isn't a great mix.”

Another person wrote: “You mean full out nuclear war? No place. Just hope wherever you are gets a direct hit and it’s over quickly.”

The “full-scale invasion” of Ukraine is happening by land, sea and air and Russian troops are now advancing onto the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv.

Russian troops have taken control of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the site around itHave your say in our news democracy. Click the upvote icon at the top of the page to help raise this article through the indy100 rankings.
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