Ukraine-Russia news live: Putin's troops reach outskirts of Kyiv as Chernobyl 'exceeds control level'

Ukraine-Russia news live: Putin's troops reach outskirts of Kyiv as Chernobyl 'exceeds control level'
CNN reporter hears explosions in Kiev during live reporting, puts on flak ...

It’s another dark day in the history of Europe, as Vladimir Putin continues to launch a “full-scale invasion” of Ukraine.

Russian armoured vehicles travelled over the border force checkpoints on Thursday morning, while explosions were also reported in the outskirts of the cities of Kharkiv, Kramatorsk, Mariupol and Kiev.

Radiation at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant has exceeded control levels after Russian troops took control of the area, Ukraine has said.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky has introduced martial law on all territories of the state, while also urging people to stay at home where they can.

"No panic. We're strong. We're ready for anything. We'll defeat everyone, because we are Ukraine," he said in a video statement.

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The likes of US president Joe Biden and Boris Johnson have joined other global powers in condemning Russia’s ‘unprovoked and unjustified’ attack.

Putin claimed he was helping with the "denazification" of Ukraine with the attack, while also warning other countries not to respond, saying: "If you do you will face consequences greater than any of you have faced in history”.

12.45 - We've been pronouncing ‘Kyiv’ wrong – and this is why we need to change it

It’s another dark day for European history, and it’s easy to feel helpless at times like this as shocking images and videos continue to emerge from Ukraine. However, in a time where such importance is placed on narrative, there is one very small thing we can do.

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11.25 - Brave Ukrainian woman praised for confronting Russian soldier

A Ukrainian woman has been praised for her bravery after she confronted a heavily-armed Russian soldier with sunflower seeds.

In footage captured and spread on social media, the woman is seen giving the soldier sunflower seeds (Ukraine's national flower) so that they might grow when he dies.

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10.50 - Shocking images of Ukrainians taking shelter

Images coming out of Ukraine show the shocking situation facing the population following the invasion, with ITV News' Dan Rivers showing residents of Kharkiv taking shelter in subways.

09.50 - Viral fake images of the 'Russian invasion' of Ukraine

When disaster strikes, people rush to document it to keep people around the world informed.

Unfortunately, people also often purposely or mistakenly share fake news, videos and images that grab people's attention and when that happens it is important to debunk it.

This is exactly what has happened with thousands of people viewing a viral video purporting to show a montage of Russian planes invading Ukraine.

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09.45 - 10 of the most shocking images and videos from Ukraine

The world has been left shocked by the actions of Russian leader Putin, with viral images and videos showing the impact of the invasion as the situation escalates.

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