You can now download and print off your own Corbyn 'patriot-o-meter'

Picture: Rob Ives

After laying a wreath at the Cenotaph for Remembrance Sunday, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was criticised in the press for apparently "not bowing" - even though video evidence clearly shows he did.

Nevertheless, the Telegraph ran a story online claiming that Corbyn did not bow "deeply enough", while the Sun even ran the story on its FRONT PAGE on Monday morning under the banner "Pacifist Corbyn refuses to bow".

Reacting to what he calls the "vitriolic" media coverage of Corbyn's Labour leadership, Rob Ives decided to make a "patriometer".

Available to download and print off, the "patriometer" shows different levels of how much you care (according to some media outlets) about the war dead, based on how low you bow.

Picture: Rob Ives

The different levels include:

  • Stalinist Nazi liberal

  • Pinko lefty

  • Blairite

  • The full DC

  • Sycophant

  • Osteopath

  • Downward facing dog

Ives, a paper engineer from Broughton Moor in Cumrbia, explained to

I just wanted to burst the bubble with a bit of humour. The mix of anti-Corbyn and overly ostentatious poppy wearing is getting really wearing!

I’ve been shocked at the vitriol of the media as a whole - it would be good to see him getting a break.

Picture: Rob Ives

The paper engineer, a lifelong Labour voter, but who only joined the party after Corbyn's victory, added:

I joined the Labour party because it was so refreshing to see a politician actually say what he means instead of spouting today's soundbite.

You can check out more of Rob's work on his website and download the Corbyn "patriometer" here

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